Book Trailers

Book trailers seem to be all the rage at the moment, so I thought I’d showcase the only three I’ve ever been involved in. I think they’re a very cool and fun way to hopefully spread a little excitement about books.

Author Spotlight Trailer

This amazing trailer was made for me by my friend, and fellow Paranormal and Rockstar Romance author, Theresa Hissong, to showcase all the genres I write in. I love it so much (even if I do still secretly hate my Jagged Ivory book covers). The trailer rocks, and so does my friend Theresa!

Lunar Falls Trailer

The Lunar Falls trailer is the only one I actually made myself, with a little help from another wonderful author friend of mine, the lovely Annie Rose Welch! It was actually great fun, and I would love to make more of them for other books if I can ever find the time.

Elementals Trailer

This one is for the Elementals Anthology I wrote with three other incredibly talented paranormal/fantasy romance authors – Anne L. Parks, Annie Rose Welch, and Dina Haynes. We had so much fun writing those four interconnected stories together, and the result was amazing. If you haven’t checked out the Elementals Anthology, and you love paranormal/fantasy romance, you need to look into it. The trailer was made by Annie Rose Welch.