Interview with Quick Silverman

Character Interview with Rockstar Drummer Quick Silverman
By Lashell Collins

The door opens and I’m met with a bright, million-dollar-smile on an eerily handsome face. 

“Lashell! Come on in. Good to see you again.”

“Hi Quick!”

Quick Silverman, rockstar drummer for the Outlaw Posse, kisses my cheek and then closes the door behind me. 

He leads me into the heart of the spacious, inviting home — the kitchen. It’s sunny and bright and cheerful, all words I’ve come to associate with the man himself. With his thick black eyeliner, the black clothing, the black fingernail polish and the tattoos that run from his neck down to his fingers, his outward appearance may scream scary vampire rocker, but you’d be hard pressed to find a more upbeat, positive person than Quick Silverman.

I thought we’d sit at the table here.”

He gestures to the kitchen table situated at the end of the room next to the huge picture window.


There’s a window seat there with a cushion and pillows that make it a perfect reading spot. The window looks out over the large backyard and swimming pool below.

“Take a seat and make yourself comfortable.”

“Thank you.” 

I smile at the unconventional setup and take a seat. Usually I conduct these character interviews in a cozy living room or den setting, but the happy black and white kitchen will do if this is where he’s more comfortable. Quick mills around the space for a few moments and I watch him. He seems totally relaxed in this cheery environment, if somewhat out of place.

“Okay, Poppy made me promise to set these out. Some herb butter cookies that she made herself. She hopes you like them.” 

He places a plate of cookies on the table and walks away again. The sweet treats look delicious, and almost too pretty to eat. A second later Quick is back with two steaming mugs.

“Oh, I’m not a big coffee drinker, I’m afraid.”

He smiles at me. “I know. It’s a chai tea latte. You like those, right?”

Okay, now this is getting weird. “How do you know that?”

“I pay attention. You used to drink a lot of them when you were writing my book. It’s still your hot beverage of choice, I assume?”

“Yes it is. Thank you.”

“Sure.” He takes a seat across from me and sips his coffee. “So, character interviews with the leading men in your stories, huh? Sounds like a cool project.”

“Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun so far.”

“And aside from my buddy, Tad, screwing up his interview a few weeks ago, how’s it been going?”

I can’t help but laugh at his reference to his bandmate’s emotional interview, and Quick grins at me. 

“Tad really didn’t ruin anything. His interview turned out great. I think it made him seem more human and down-to-earth. I’ve gotten nothing but good reactions to it from the readers. And to answer your question, the project as a whole has been super positive. The readers really seem to be enjoying the chance to get to know each of the leading men a little better.”

“That’s good.” He nods and takes another sip of his coffee.

“Are you ready for yours?” I ask, bringing my cup of tea to my lips.

Quick picks up a butter cookie and pops it into his mouth. “Yep. Let’s do this!”

“Okay. Well, let’s start with the obvious. How are things in the Outlaw Posse right now? Everyone good?”

“Yeah, everyone’s great. The Stoned Devotion reunion tour is winding down and Jesse Lee is never one to let the grass grow under his feet, so the Outlaw Posse will be heading back into the studio for our next album in just a few days. We’re all excited about that; we’ve got a lot of great material we’ll be working on.”

“That’s awesome. And how are Shane’s drum lessons going?”

Quick laughs, but his face lights up at the mention of his son. 

“Lessons are going well. I’ll tell ya, if that kid of mine ever chooses to seriously pursue music, he’s gonna be a hell of a drummer one day. I have no doubt about that.”

His handsome face glows with pride, and I can’t help but swoon. His love for his son is so obvious.

“Has it been much of an adjustment for him? Being here?”

Quick hesitates and thinks about that question. “Hmm. Well, thankfully he was already used to spending time here, you know? Having partial custody of him meant that he spent many weekends here during the last couple of years. He already had his own room here and everything. So it wasn’t like a total shock to the system, him being here full time. Of course back then, we were roughing it during all those weekends, like two bachelors would, you know? Lots of fast food and pizza deliveries.”

I giggle at the picture he paints. “Right.”

“Now we have Poppy in our lives, so it was like the perfect timing for this to happen.”

The look in his eyes changes from amusement to something akin to wonder. It’s fascinating to watch as he continues.

“You know, she didn’t just brighten up my life when she stepped into it, she brightened up my son’s life too. I don’t know where we would be right now without her. She’s amazing. And I know she was really concerned at first about taking his mom’s place and all that, but … she’s been great with Shane. They adore each other. It feels like the three of us are really gelling as a family.”

“That’s great. I’m so happy for all of you. Congratulations, by the way!”

“Thank you.”

“So when the band gets back on the road to tour the new album, will Shane be traveling with you? I know that was something you always wanted, but Trish would never allow. Now that things are different what’s going to happen there? And how is Trish doing, by the way?”

Quick takes a deep breath and leans back in his chair, and I get the feeling the news is not great. 

“Physically, Trish is okay. Mentally, she’s had some setbacks. She is still at Rose Grove. The doctors originally said ninety days, but once she got there she had a little … break with reality, shall we say. I’m not sure what caused it. I don’t know if her doctors really have any clue about that themselves, but her recovery has been a slow process.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Is Shane able to visit her?”

“Yes, he is, at times. There are times when her doctors will say she’s not up for it. But when she is, I take Shane myself and he’s able to sit and talk with her for a bit. Some visits are harder on him than others for various reasons, but I feel like he deserves to see her if he wants to. When he tells me he no longer wants to go, we’ll stop.”

He looks almost pained, and my heart goes out to him. “That must be so hard on both of you.”

He shakes his head. “It’s not the best scenario. But I have sole legal and physical custody of Shane now, so he’ll be going on the road with me when the tour starts up. We’re looking into private tutors now so he’ll be sort of homeschooled on the road. Jesse Lee and Diamond have a lot of experience with that with their kids so, they’ve been a big help with resources and information and whatnot. And Poppy will be our tour doctor once again when we hit the road, so we’ll all be together.”

“I’m so glad you’ve found a way to make that work.”

“Yeah, you and me both!”

He smiles and pops another cookie into his mouth. I reach for one myself and take a bite.

“Oh, my God! This thing is melt-in-your-mouth delicious! That woman of yours knows her way around a cookie!”

“I know, right? She’s the second best cook in the whole world. I have to say that second best part in case my mother should read this interview.”

I laugh at his playfulness as I take another cookie from the plate. 

“But I’ve gained like 20 pounds since Poppy and I got together. It’s a good thing drumming is such a good workout or I’d be big as this house!”

I shake my head as I happily chew. “So, tell us something fun or insightful about Quick Silverman.”

“Fun or insightful?”

“Yeah. Something the readers would be surprised to learn about their beloved Quicksilver. For example, and I mean no offense or disrespect when I say this, but … what’s with the constant guy-liner? I know Tad wears the eyeliner onstage always, but you wear it everyday. It’s like a staple for you. What’s that about?”

Quick chuckles and nods. “That’s true. It is rare to catch me without it. There are a few pics of me floating around out there without eyeliner, but not many.”

“Why is that?”

“I started wearing it back in high school, back when ‘glam rock’ was all the rage.”

“Ooh. Please tell me you wore the big hair and the shiny lip gloss to go with it!” 

A burst of laughter pours out of him, making me laugh with him. 

“Yes! Tad and I both did, although he’ll try to deny it. And we got away with it too, because we were musicians, you know? We were rockers; that was our thing, so nobody batted an eye about it. But thankfully, glam rock went bye bye, and I gladly gave up the lip gloss and the sparkly clothing and everything else that went with it. Only the eyeliner remained. I like the way it frames my eyes. I like the whole dark, scary, gothic look it gives me. I don’t now. Why do women wear it?”

“Um, I think they wear it because it enhances their eyes. Makes them stand out and look pretty.” I bat my eyelashes at him.

Quick grins and shrugs a shoulder. “Well, there you go. Same thing.”

“But you really are nothing like your dark and scary appearance, so why do you do it?”

He frowns at me. “Do what? Why do I look the way I do?”


Quick makes a face as he mulls that one over. “You know, it’s not something that I think consciously about. The tattoos, the black nail polish, the eyeliner … it’s not something I go to great lengths to orchestrate. This is just who I am and what I like to wear, and it’s got very little to do with what I’m really like on the inside. I think most people are that way, honestly. If you try to guess what most people are like just by looking at their outward appearance you’ll be wrong probably 80% of the time. There’s a lesson in there somewhere, I think, about judging books by their covers or something.”

“You’re absolutely right.” I smile as I watch him for a moment and sip my tea. Then I point a finger his way. “You look happy, Quick. Despite the issues with Trish and your concerns for Shane, you look truly happy.”

“I am happy. Shane is the light of my life. He’s the reason I work so hard. So I can provide for him and set a good example for him. I want to be a father he can be proud of, you know? And Poppy is the love of my life. I am so very blessed that I found her. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like without her. What Shane’s life would be like right now if we didn’t have Poppy by our sides. She’s my angel. She’s our angel.”

A wide grin lights up his face and he shakes his head.

“Somehow, I ended up getting the girl of my dreams. Got the best kid in the world. Got the gig of a lifetime thanks to Jesse Lee James! As Sinatra sang, I got the world on a string, Lashell.”

I giggle at his exuberance. “You’re sitting on a rainbow?” I ask, reciting the next line of the song.

“That’s right!” His smile gets even bigger, if that’s possible. Then he bursts into song, “Got the string around my finger. What a world, what a life. I am in love!”

To my surprise, he jumps up and rushes from the kitchen. He’s gone only a few seconds before I hear the smooth, mellow tones of an alto saxophone from the other room. I look up to see Quick walking into the kitchen playing the Sinatra tune to perfection, treating me to a special solo jazz performance and spreading his happiness all over the bright kitchen like warm butter.

Well, there you have it. My exclusive interview with the always surprising Quick Silverman. I hope you enjoyed getting to know the rockstar drummer (and saxophonist) better. Be sure to add All Fired Up to your TBR List, or CLICK HERE to get your copy Now!