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A psychic so powerful his abilities come at a cost. A woman so special she alone has the power to touch him.

Voices & Visions

VV ebook Rev2.jpg

Detective Isaac Taylor is a broken man. Isolated by his strange abilities and what others perceive as weird behavior, he keeps his head down and excels at his job. But he hears the whispers of his colleagues and family members, and he feels like a freak among them. Then one wrong number phone call changes everything.


Sidney Fairchild is no stranger to danger. She’s a woman on the run, in hiding and existing below the radar. Despite her efforts to stay invisible, she witnesses a crime she knows could get her killed. Then she answers a wrong number phone call that changes her life. 


Bound by their undeniable connection, Isaac and Sidney forge a bond stronger than anything either has ever known. But will his psychic abilities save her or lead to their mutual destruction? 


Lovers & Monsters

LM ebook Rev2.jpg

From the moment he first shook her hand, Detective Isaac Taylor knew that Sidney Fairchild was in danger. Even without the unwanted psychic powers he sensed it, and he has kept her safe at his side ever since. Through car explosions, police protective custody and numerous attempts on her life, he's kept her alive. But now the danger is personal, and it grows closer every day.

Sidney doesn't know how much more she can take. Escaping a ruthless drug lord was bad enough, but facing the man who forced her into hiding is a whole new kind of terror. A terror she knows can cost her everything – including her sizzling new romance with protective, sexy Detective Ike Taylor.

Desperate to hold on to the love they've found, Isaac and Sidney will both have to face their greatest fear to keep it. But with time running out and the body count rising, can Isaac learn to harness his abilities in time to save her?


Freaks & Family Legacies

FFL ebook Rev2.jpg

Detective Isaac Taylor has a new lease on life. He’s found love with the woman of his dreams and he’s learning how to control the strange psychic power within him. Well, maybe control is the wrong word, but at least he’s not running from it any longer. 


Sidney Fairchild is slowly putting the pieces of her shattered life back together. But what’s a girl supposed to do when she’s not certain who she is anymore? She’s found a love that she’s determined to hold on to, but figuring out her purpose is proving to be a bigger struggle.


When a new case suddenly puts one of Isaac’s siblings in jeopardy, and long-buried family secrets come to light, Isaac and Sidney must work together to get to the truth. But will their efforts be enough, or will their broken family legacies destroy them all? 


Lullabies & Dead Bodies

LDB ebook Rev2.jpg

A serial killer has resurfaced. An old case that left nine little girls dead, and Detective Isaac Taylor a broken man. Armed with a newfound confidence in his psychic abilities, Isaac must lead a team of detectives in tracking the mad man down before he kills again.

Sidney Fairchild is finding her purpose. Learning to stand on her own two feet isn't easy, but she's determined to become the fighter Isaac sees in her. And when an opportunity to help other battered women suddenly presents itself, she'll stop at nothing to see it through.

With threats coming at them from all sides, Isaac and Sidney must fight together to keep others safe. But can they keep their passion for each other alive, or will their love be torn apart by their own personal demons?


Murders & Romance

MR ebook Rev2.jpg

Another gruesome set of murders is rocking the city, and Detective Isaac Taylor is on the case. But when danger strikes too close to the woman he loves, Ike fears she's being targeted.

Sidney Fairchild is now the focus of someone's sick mind games. But what her tormentor doesn't realize is that Sid is no longer a victim. She has learned how to fight dirty, and she's not afraid to prove it.

Now, with his psychic powers growing, Ike must act to protect the love of his life, and the future they're building together. But will his abilities be enough to save them both before the game turns deadly?


Curses & Vows

CV ebook.jpg

Detective Isaac Taylor doesn't believe in curses, but that's exactly where his latest homicide case leads him. A deadly shooting spree with ties to a curse that goes back generations. A case that Ike is desperate to solve before he leaves on his honeymoon.


For Sidney Fairchild, the word curse sounds just about right. One lost wedding gown and a floating cake disaster have her on edge. When family comes to town dragging trouble behind them, she wonders if her beautiful beach wedding is doomed.


Now the body count is rising, and so is the family tension. But can Ike and Sidney keep it together long enough to say 'I do,' or will the dueling curses keep them from saying their vows?


Scandals & Love Songs

SLS ebook.jpg

One of the worlds biggest superstars has been murdered, causing a scandal big enough to rock the city. Now it’s Detective Isaac Taylor’s job to find the person responsible and bring them to justice. But with a second scandal brewing inside the police department, Ike knows things are about to get dicey.


Sidney Taylor is loving married life. But she’s also committed to her mission of helping battered women find their power. Even if that means reaching out to a frightened woman right in front of her abuser.


With Ike’s psychic abilities growing as fast as the massive media coverage, a surprising family scandal, and their own personal doubts to contend with, things seem bleak. But will they be able to keep their new marriage on track or will it all fall apart?


Mayhem & Mistletoe

MM ebook.jpg

Detective Isaac Taylor is about to celebrate his first Christmas season with his new wife. But a string of shocking and puzzling murders puts a serious crimp on his holiday cheer.


Sidney Taylor is looking forward to going all out for the coming holiday. But when an unexpected family visit and a badly beaten woman both show up on her doorstep 24 hours apart, things get complicated.


With a confidence in his abilities that he’s never known before, Ike is determined not to let any of it spoil the wedded bliss he and Sidney have found. But will they be able to hang onto that warm fuzzy feeling, or will his over-confidence ruin Christmas for everyone?


Heroes & Hellfire

HH ebook.jpg

A firefighter has been murdered, sparking a feud among first responders throughout the city. Now Detective Isaac Taylor must find the killer and restore the peace. But when an unexpected issue threatens his wife, Ike's focus is split in two.


Sidney Taylor knew this day could come, and she's prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her husband out of the line of fire. But when her Air Force Major brother finds himself in deep trouble, Sidney must do what she can to protect both the men she loves.


With the added threat of his psychic abilities becoming fodder for the national news, and the uncomfortable tension at home, Isaac is determined to make things right. But will he and Sidney get back on the same page before it's too late or will the heat destroy them all?


Love & Hate Crimes

LHC ebook.jpg

A series of vicious hate crimes have the city in a panic, and Detective Isaac Taylor must find the perps and bring them in. But when the bullets start flying, things turn deadly. Now, with his boss out of town, the burden of leadership falls on Ike, only he's not certain he's got what it takes to head the homicide division.


When tragedy strikes, Sidney Taylor leaps into action. Backing her husband's play is what a good wife does, after all. But when the situation lands her adrift in unfamiliar waters, she has to decide if she's going to sink or swim.


With the added complication of a long awaited vision finally unfolding before his eyes, Ike is overwhelmed. He'll need Sidney to lean on more than ever. But will he be able to juggle it all and still do his job, or will he fail, endangering a little boy's future and jeopardizing his career?


Animals & Actual Beasts

A A B Ebook.jpg

A dead and dismembered body has been found at the zoo, the first of many. Now it's up to Detective Isaac Taylor to find out if those people were killed by an animal or by an actual beast. The kind that walk around on two legs.


Sidney Taylor is going through a personal struggle of her own. One that has her fighting constant untamed fear. At what should be one of the happiest times of her life, the ferocious worry has its claws in her throat.


When an unexpected opportunity lands in Ike's lap, and a shocking twist leaves both him and Sidney reeling, they know they've got some big decisions to make. But will they choose wisely or will one wild decision destroy their future?


Daylight & Darkness

D D ebook.jpg

A car is abandoned on the side of the road, a dead woman in the backseat. It's an eerie scene Detective Isaac Taylor has encountered before, but there are no leads. Now the body count is rising and all clues point to an impossible suspect.


With a new job offer, and an ongoing hunt to find the perfect house before the babies arrive, Sidney Taylor has her hands full. But when a family emergency strikes, she takes it upon herself to fix things for everyone. Now if only she can convince everyone that it's the right thing to do.


With Ike's confidence in his psychic abilities at an all-time high, and a complete trust in Sidney's judgment, he's more than certain that they'll weather the coming storm. But when evil strikes their extended family Ike wonders if he has what it takes to save the day, or will his over-confidence lead to tragedy?


Isaac Taylor Mysteries DUET

Duet 3D copy.png

Two gripping romantic suspense novels in the series readers are saying “you have to read” from author Lashell Collins. A psychic so powerful his abilities come at a cost. A woman so special she alone has the power to touch him. 


Voices & Visions (Isaac Taylor Mysteries, Book One)

A wrong number phone call links Detective Isaac Taylor to his missing murder witness, sparking a love connection neither of them are expecting. But will his psychic abilities save her from the evil drug lord out to kill her, or lead to their mutual destruction?


Lovers & Monsters (Isaac Taylor Mysteries, Book Two)

Desperate to hold on to the love they’ve found, Isaac and Sidney will each have to face their greatest fears to keep it. But with time running out and the body count rising, can Isaac learn to harness his abilities in time to save her?


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