Lunar Falls Trilogy

“With the Lunar Falls trilogy, Lashell Collins has created a shifter world as sexy and mysterious as it is captivating.”    ~ NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author, Michelle Fox

Secrets of Lunar Falls
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"Beautifully written. You cannot help but fall in love.  ~ Amazon Reader Review.

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When veterinarian, Dr. Carly Tipton, takes a new job in the tiny farming community of Lunar Falls, she expects to build a new life for herself. But nothing prepared her for the adventure that awaited her in the mysterious little town. A place where werewolves not only walk among the humans, hidden in plain sight, but where the roots of her own family tree are deeply entwined with them. And when she meets the town's sexy sheriff, Gabriel Masters, the secrets and lies of Lunar Falls begin to draw her into their tantilizing web.


Gabe isn’t ready for Carly when she blows into town, but he knows without a doubt that she's his mate – human or not. He also knows that his love for her threatens his Alpha position within the pack. And now Gabe has to find a way to make their bonding complete before it sparks a civil war among his people.

Lies of Lunar Falls
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Lies of Lunar Falls is packed with mystery, secrets, and startling revelations that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the bitter end!  ~ Amazon Reader Review

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Drawn to the mysterious and sexy shifter who is now her mate by forces she still doesn’t fully understand, Carly Tipton thought she had uncovered all the secrets Lunar Falls was hiding. Secrets that shook the very foundation of her own family tree. But what she’s about to learn is that the secrets of Lunar Falls are only the tip of the iceberg, and that the lies it tells actually go much deeper than she or Gabe ever imagined.


Gabe is determined that he and Carly are going to be free to build a life together. A life without the limits or the stigma of prejudice. But he soon comes to realize that he’s not only fighting for the freedom of their love, he’s fighting for the freedom of all five packs. As GrandAlpha, the fate of his entire people rests squarely on his shoulders as the threat of civil war looms ever larger above him. And when the ruthless cat shifters begin killing innocent humans, Gabe's problems quickly go from bad to worse.

Redemption of Lunar Falls
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"Romance, danger, suspense. I loved this trilogy! Exceptional, different and exciting!"

~ Amazon Reader Review

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Carly Tipton's life has been turned upside down since she moved to Lunar Falls. She came looking to start a new life for herself, but nothing prepared her for the adventure that awaited her in the mysterious little town. A place where werewolves not only walk among the humans, hidden in plain sight, but where the roots of her own family tree are deeply entwined with the noble creatures. And when she and her mate, Gabe, are declared the answer to an ancient Moon Hunter prophecy, Carly finds herself wondering if the secrets and lies of Lunar Falls will ever end.


Gabe Masters is an Alpha on a mission – to re-educate his people in the ancient ways of the imprinting and abolish the purity movement, all while getting the five packs to accept his new human mate as one of their own. Easy, right? Until shifting alliances and a small faction of wolves join forces with the cat shifters in a last-ditch effort to overthrow Gabe's authority before his and Carly's wedding. A vicious battle ensues as Gabe leads his men (and women) against the rebellion. But can he defeat them in time to keep Carly safe?

Exiled: A Lunar Falls Novella
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Originally written for participation in a shifter boxed set with other authors, Exiled takes two minor characters from the Lunar Falls Trilogy and pairs them together in this novella set in the Lunar Falls world.

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Shame and dishonor are all that Zach Mason knows now. Exiled from his pack for one incredibly stupid decision – conspiracy to overthrow the GrandAlpha – he now lives a solitary existence, desperately longing for a life he can no longer have. But when the winds of fate blow him into the path of the beautiful and alluring Sarah Masters, someone he never expected to see again let alone take as his mate, Zach begins to wonder if maybe home is wherever the heart is. At any rate, he knows that he'll follow her anywhere. Even back to the home he was exiled from upon the threat of death.


The song says you can always go home, but Sarah Masters knows better. Sometimes home is simply not an option anymore, not when the only things there for you are humiliation and disgrace. But the longer she stays away the more homesick she gets, and when Zach Mason shows up in the last place she ever expected him to be, reminding her what love really looks like, Sarah knows that home is exactly where she needs to go in order to make things right. Even though her cousin, the GrandAlpha over the five packs, has vowed to kill her new mate if he ever sees him again.

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