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Hot Rockstars & Sexy Cops

Between the two, I had a very good start to my week! As most of you might know by now, I spent Monday evening in Chicago, rocking out with my favorite band ~ Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators (SMKC to those in the know), and Oh. My. God … it was AWESOME!!!

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen SMKC live. I saw them last summer when they were touring with rock powerhouse, Aerosmith, which I thoroughly enjoyed. But Monday night, there was just a different kind of energy to the whole performance. The difference, I think, was the venue. Last year, I saw them at Riverbend in Cincinnati, which is sort of an outdoor arena-type place. Lots more people, not bad seats, but not as close as I wanted either. This time, however, the setting was a small venue, sort of intimate, and the hubs and I were able to get right up close to the stage. Made all the difference in the world!

As usual, the boys sounded tight, killing it on each and every song. They did a total of seven tracks off the new album during this show, about six or seven GNR songs, and sprinkled in a few songs from Slash’s solo CD and Velvet Revolver. All in all, a pretty well-rounded set that any long-time Slash fan, like me, would appreciate. They did not, however, perform the one song from the new album that I was hoping for (30 Years to Life), but they did do one of my very favorite songs from the last album that I love hearing live (Standing in the Sun), so I was happy.

Now for the truly important information ~ my heated crush on bassist, Todd “Dammit” Kerns, remains solidly intact, largely due to the fact that he showed himself to be such a genuinely nice guy. The hubs and I took up a position just to the left of center stage because we knew that would be directly in front of TK’s mic, and I was not disappointed. At the start of the show, Todd came to the edge of the stage and knelt down to shake a few hands and greet the fans. He caught sight of my “Dammit” t-shirt and his eyes lit up as he pointed directly at me and smiled. I was so caught off guard and shocked (classic star-struck, tongue-tied fan moment) that all I could do was give him a big cheesy smile and wave. He was maybe six or eight feet in front of me, kneeling down right at my eye level, and actually engaging with me! He waved back and held my gaze for what seemed like a long moment, and had my brain actually been working, it would have made the greatest picture EVER! I have kicked myself a million times already, but I will have that memory with me always.

At the end of the show, after the encore number was finished and the confetti was falling from the sky, the guys spent some time tossing out several guitar picks to the crowd. Todd once again made my night by engaging with me a second time. Kneeling at the edge of the stage once more, he smiled at me and made three attempts to toss one of his signature bass picks to me. The first one went right over my head. The second one was snatched up by the teenaged guitar nerd who had been standing next to me the whole evening. But you know what they say ~ third times the charm ~ and I have been clutching onto my magical Todd Kerns bass pic ever since, and trying to figure out some creative way to turn it into a piece of jewelry. SO infatuated with that sexy beast of a man!

But speaking of amazing men, let me just say that I have the sweetest, most wonderful husband on the planet. Not only did he endure a myriad of obstacles and frustrations (I’ll spare you the painful details) in order to get me to the venue early enough to get that close to the stage in the first place, but he also spent the entire concert taking awesome pictures of Todd Kerns (and the rest of the Conspirators) for me to drool over. He even badged and intimidated a couple of drunk attendees who were threatening to become obnoxious belligerent jerks, and removed them from our area.

What can I say? Hot rockstars and sexy cops … that’s my thing. If either one of them just happened to be a werewolf too, I’d probably die! Here are a few pics from our night.

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