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Let's Talk About Books, Baby!

So, it’s been a while since I last checked in here, huh? I am so bad about blogging on a regular basis, and I guess it’s because I’m always busy working on another book, or doing other upcoming book-related things. I have no excuse, I am a terrible blogger, period. But I wanted to post this blog today because I realized that I have something to tell you that I should have shared here weeks ago. In fact, months ago! I’m talking about Book Chat.

What’s Book Chat, you ask? Well, believe it or not, I have teamed up with my writing bestie,Tracie Puckett, and created a monthly broadcast show that’s all about romance and books and writing. It’s really cool and really fun because on alternating months we either talk about some aspect of the writing craft, or we sit down and talk with a guest author about their books! (That’s my favorite part). We even keep you updated on which authors we’ll be interviewing next so that you can read their book before the show or even send us in your questions for that author! We laugh so much, we bring you reading recommendations, and even uncover hidden genres of romance that you may never have heard of before (Toaster erotica? What?)

I know what you’re thinking. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate being on camera and I don’t like to talk much. In fact, I’m the quiet, mysterious one who can usually be found sitting back people-watching, not the bright bubbly one who loves to talk and share and talk. But it turns out that it’s all good because Tracie’s got that bright bubbly thing covered. I mean, she is all over it!

So, here are the details you need to stay up to date on Book Chat. You can find us at where we always have a schedule that’s at least three to four months out so that you always know what’s coming up. We broadcast live on the last Friday of the month at 8:00 pm EST. and there’s an archive page where you can go and watch all of our previous shows. You can also find us here on Facebook.

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