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Fiction Friday!

So, I started this Fiction Friday thing last week where I take a writing prompt provided by the lovely Arial Burnz, and run with it. You can click on the links above to check out that first installment with all the wherefores and whys, but read on for this week's Fiction Friday...

Love. It was a hell of a way to die.

Her vacant gaze fell on the treetops above as a lone tear slid from the corner of her eye down to her ear. She had to admit, it wasn't what she would've expected. It wasn’t like they said it would be at all. There were no flashes of memory, no highlights from her life playing like an old film reel in her mind. Instead the only thoughts going through her mind were of him.

She loved him so much, she always had. Both the good and the bad, through all of his highs and lows. Even when everyone else in her life tried to point out all of his faults to her, she wouldn’t listen. She couldn’t. They didn’t know him the way she did. They would never understand his intensity or his genius. He was much too incredible for most people to comprehend. But she did. She understood him. She loved him.

His handsome face came into view for a second. He looked down at her and then turned and walked away. How could he have done this to her? Why?

A bird flew overhead, she could see it through the branches of the trees as she took her final breath.

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