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Fiction Friday - The Raven!

So, I started this Fiction Friday thing two weeks ago where I take a writing prompt provided by the lovely Arial Burnz, and run with it. You can click on the links above to check out the first couple of installments with all the wherefores and whys. This week's writing prompt was a little different because it came in the form of a cool image. Check it out...

Not sure what I've written does the awesome image any justice, but it came to mind because I have a WIP that involves a raven shifter, so some of her story may have spilled over into this writing challenge today. Have a look...

The raven spread her wings and took flight. Soaring high above the tree tops, she looked down at the world below her and pondered the stillness of it. It was always the same. No matter how long or how high she flew she couldn’t get away. The nightmare never ended, she couldn’t escape its clutches. The darkness surrounded her, and every direction led back to the old man.

What did it mean? Who was he? And why did he fill her heart with fear? What did he want from her? He had captured her once and locked her away in a tiny iron cage, forcing her to stay in her shifted form, but for what purpose, the raven had no clue. She only knew that she had to escape. She had to wake up and find her way back to the real world.

“Come, my little raven shifter. Come back to me.”

She could hear the man calling to her but she refused to fall prey to him again. She had to wake up and escape this nightmare once and for all.

#FlashFictionFriday #ArialBurnz

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