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Fiction Friday - Novice Witch

This week's installment of the Fiction Friday Writing Challenge from the lovely and talented Arial Burnz was a super hard one for me to wrap my head around. Mainly because I've never written about a witch before! But the surprising thing was that, once I set my timer and began to write, the story just came to me. And I say story (and not idea) because I now have a little plot bunny hopping around up there in my brain. Will anything ever come of it? Who knows. Maybe some day, but for now, here's the writing prompt that started it. The image is called Novice Witch...

“Oh, shit,” Ginger mumbled as she watched the disaster unfold right in front of her eyes. What had she done?

The hydrant burst, spewing water to the heavens and sending the old woman with the walker into a marathon-worthy sprint down the sidewalk. The car came skidding out of nowhere, and Lucas and Maddie had to run for their lives to get out of the way. Ginger flailed her arms in a panic, but when she did the car turned abruptly and headed straight for the big maple tree at the end of the street. Ginger yelped and covered her eyes, peeking out through her fingers when the loud crash assaulted their eardrums.

“Oh, no,” she whispered as she stared at the crumpled car in dismay. What had she done, indeed?

Lucas and Maddie rushed to the car to see if the driver was hurt.

“I could have killed someone,” Ginger whispered to herself. And she knew that she would too, if she didn’t learn to get her powers under control.

A hand suddenly clamped down on her shoulder, and Ginger turned to see Ms. Peabody, the Headmistress of the Young Witches Academy staring at her with a disapproving gaze. “Well, that spell went a little wrong, didn’t it?”

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