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Fiction Friday - I'm In

This week's installment of the Fiction Friday Writing Challenge from the lovely and talented Arial Burnz was a lot of fun to write. As soon as I saw the prompt, the "story" just came to me. I imagine Dana and Garret are two very intense people - probably special ops agents, or mercenaries, or just a pair of badass cops on the street. At any rate, I enjoyed this one. Maybe that means it's time for me to get back to my Romantic Suspense roots. Good thing I've got something in the works for that!

“Are you insane?”

“Is that a real question? Because you might not like the answer.” I grin at the look of horror in her eyes. “The doctors say I’m doing much better now though.”

She rolls those gorgeous hazel eyes at my smartass joke, and I can see her index finger lightly tap the barrel of her sidearm. “This is never going to work.”

All kidding aside, I set my own gun down with a frustrated sigh and look at her. “Do you have a better idea, Dana? Because I’m all ears.”

She stares at me, not saying anything, and I can see all the anxiety play out on her beautiful face. As much as she wants to say yes, she’s afraid. And I guess I can’t really blame her. I reach out and take her hand.

“Look, I get it, baby. I do. What we’re talking about … it’s risky, and it’s dangerous. Being completely honest, I’m scared too, okay? I mean, we may not come out of it unscathed. Hell, we may not even make it out alive. But we’d be doing it together. And I love you. I’m in if you are.”

She shakes her head and wipes a stray tear from her cheek. “We said we would never do this, Garret. We made a pact.”

“I know that. But things change, baby." I reach up and caress her face. "And I know you feel the same way I do. So tell me. Are you in?”

“This plan of yours is going to get us killed,” she says as she tucks her gun into the holster at her side. “Of course I’m in. Yes, I will marry you.”

#FlashFictionFriday #ArialBurnz

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