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Fiction Friday - Number 13

This week's installment of the Fiction Friday Writing Challenge from the lovely and talented Arial Burnz was a lot of fun to write. The prompt - Number 13 - is one that actually ties into one of my paranormal series, so that was exciting for me. The series in question is called Rogue Moon, and in book 2 of that series we meet the mysterious character known only as The 13th. So, this is what came to me...

He was referred to as The 13th, but always only in the hushed tones of private, whispered conversations among the elders and others of importance. There were some who claimed he was just a myth created to strike fear in the hearts of all men, while others were completely oblivious to the notion of him at all. But there were those among them who knew better. Those who had seen him, or at least the silhouette of him, with their own eyes. Those who had dealt with him and experienced his wrath.

The 13th, the mysterious leader of the Werewolf Syndicate did indeed exist. He was an all too real fact of their hidden sub-community. Shrouded in shadows and secrecy, the ruthless head of the cut-throat organization that governed the alphas of all twelve packs in the city was the driving power behind their society. The man who made the decisions that ruled their lives. The man who held their very futures in his hands alone. What the pack alphas were never really sure of was whether The 13th was good or evil.

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