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All Fired Up!!!

All Fired Up, Book 2 of the True Romance Rocker Series is available for pre-order at all the major ebook retail outlets, and print is coming soon. If drummers with tattoos, black eyeliner and spiked hair do it for you, then you have got to meet Quick Silverman! Here's the short version...

Poppy Fields has it all – brains, beauty, partnership at a prestigious Beverly Hills medical practice. What she doesn't have is love, or the courage it takes to even consider falling for someone. When her job sends her on tour with a rock and roll legend, Poppy is thrown onto a collision course with a man she finds both terrifying and seductive as sin. But if she lets her guard down long enough to give the sexy drummer a shot at her heart, she might just find that love and intimacy aren't so scary after all.

The storyline for this one was, in my opinion, just as heavy as the first. That idea of finding love in unconventional places is what this series is all about. Well ... that, and the notion that as we get older, the issues surrounding the journey to happily ever after get more sophisticated and more complicated at the same time. But hopefully the older we get, the more wisdom we acquire as well. The tagline I chose for this series really sums up that hope for me:

"They say things get better with age ... even rockstars!"

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post back in December when book 1, True Romance, went up for pre-order, the title for this one is also based on a song by my favorite musician, Todd Kerns. I had the great privilege of interviewing Todd for True Romance, and you can read about that HERE if you missed it. (There would be no Thaddeus Kyle without Todd Kerns!).


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