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Fiction Friday - Lake Mystery

This week's installment of the Fiction Friday Writing Challenge from the lovely and talented Arial Burnz has a very cool mystery twist component to it. We were given two sentences as our prompt, and my imagination went immediately to a someplace a little dark and tragic. I'm kind of worried about what that says of me, but while I ponder it, why don't you read what I've written...

It’s been 15 years, but I still regret what happened at the lake that night. It wasn’t supposed to play out that way. I mean yes, I wanted revenge. I won’t deny that. Those two had hurt me in the worst way imaginable. They took everything from me. My entire world was shattered. Everything changed for the worst after their thoughtless, cold hearted actions.

They were only thinking about themselves. They were having fun, so what did it matter if someone else got hurt? What did it matter if I happened to love him? How could I have loved him?

I’ve asked myself that question every minute of every single day since. How could I have thought I loved him? Someone like that. Someone who could smile at me and say such sweet things, and then turn around and be so cruel to me. How could I have thought I loved him?

Yes, I wanted revenge. You would have wanted to get revenge too. But no one was supposed to die out there that night. Not even one of my rapists.

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