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Cimmerian Shade - Torch Song

I have been so freaking busy these last few months that I completely forgot to mention my new project here. I'm taking part in a paranormal and urban fantasy romance set called Cimmerian Shade. I just love that name, although I admit I had to look up the word Cimmerian to see what it meant.

Anyway, the set is jam packed with sexy stories from some amazing paranormal authors, and I'm crazy excited to be part of it! My story in the set is called Torch Song, and look at that beautiful cover (thank you Sonia and Chloe Belle Arts)!

So, I've written my first ever dragon shifter for this story, and I'm a little bit in love with him, I must admit. I can't wait for you to meet him, but the only way for you to do that is to grab this fantastic boxed set, because this story won't likely be available anywhere else for a long time. But there is a very good chance you'll get another Inferno Novella ... so set in this same world ... in another upcoming boxed set! (Hint. Tease. Wink wink!) Here's the blurb for Torch Song...

Torch Song

Dominic Draco has no illusions about who he is. As alpha of the dragon clan, he is also the leader of the shifter Alliance, and that sometimes requires him to be ruthless. He’s a dangerous man to know. In fact, he’s a heartless bastard. That’s the real reason he’s kept the beautiful Lucinda Lindley at bay for so many years, despite the longing he feels for the lovely human singer. But in granting an old friend’s dying request, watching over Lucinda is now his responsibility. Can he keep her safe from the perils of his world when the Alliance’s enemies begin to circle? Or will Lucinda become a casualty of the shifter faction war?

Get your copy of Cimmerian Shade now at the pre-order price of 99 cents. That price goes up after release, so don't wait!

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