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Fiction Friday - The Mirror

This week's installment of the Fiction Friday Writing Challenge from my wonderful friend, and fellow author, Arial Burnz was a little bit of a real challenge for me. Why? Well, it's because when I first looked at the image that is the prompt, what I saw was a jewel - a broach, to be exact. And I know that was purely because at the moment, I'm firmly in the middle of writing book 3 of the Rogue Moon Series, a story which involves a very beautiful, very old jewel.

Anyway, after giving the image a second look, I of course realized that it wasn't a jewel at all, it was a beautiful old mirror hanging on a wall. And that realization brought the following scene to my mind. I have to admit ... I'm extremely curious to know where it leads. I may have to revisit it sometime very, very soon.

The mirror hung on the wall across the room, taunting me. Daring me to step forward and look inside. “Come see the atrocities that await you!” That’s what it screamed every time I so much as glanced its way.

Well, no way. No way was I going to look into that thing ever again. The last time had scared me half to death, and everything the mirror showed me that time had come true so far, hadn’t it?

“It’s time, you know?”

The stern voice came from the open doorway, and I look up to see the old woman glaring at me. She looks at the large-muscled man at her side and gives a curt nod of her head. He moves toward me without hesitation, angry determination written all over his harsh face, despite the deep gashes my fingernails left in his skin the last time.

“No.” I stand and inch my way backwards, moving away from him. “Please, no. Don’t make me, not again. Please!” I scream as two strong arms take hold of me and drag me towards the all-seeing mirror.

“You know that you must, Lily. You are the only one who can see its predictions. I don’t know why you fight it so!”

The old woman’s tone is biting as her minion stands me in front of the mirror. He holds my arm fast as he forces my eyes open with the other hand, and I stare, reluctantly into the portal as hot tears roll down my cheeks. The mirror clouds over and suddenly I see what looks like the forest that lies just beyond the mansion grounds begin to take shape. There are crows flying high overhead in the image, and I know instantly that something evil is coming.

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