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Fiction Friday - Lab Experiments

I've been so busy with things going on in my real life lately that it's been a few weeks since I had time to participate in Arial Burnz's Fiction Friday Writing Challenge. But I want to make up for that today. Today's prompt is sort of creepy, at least it is to my mind. And I suppose that's fitting since today is October, Friday the 13th ... the creepiest of ALL days! Here's the prompt...

Strapped to a lab table, your character regards the doctor at their side and says, “So…now what happens?”

And here's what I did with it...

I shiver from the cold stale air as my gaze drifts across the ceiling. The light hanging over the table is so bright I have to squint. It makes me a little nervous, and I squirm. But the movement only jars me further when the firmly placed restraints bite into my wrists. The thought of being strapped to this sterile, metal table suddenly gets the best of me, and my breathing begins to shallow. This is so not the time for a panic attack.

“Just breathe,” I silently tell myself. “Take slow deep breaths. It’s all going to be ok. You volunteered for this little experiment, remember?”

I glance off to the right just as the doctor steps into my field of vision, and I watch as he shoots the jade green liquid into the port that goes directly into my vein. I close my eyes tight and brace myself for whatever’s about to come.

After a few seconds of nothing, I open one eye and peek at the doctor, who is smiling down at me. I open my eyes fully and regard him.

“So … now what happens, Doc?”

Then it hits. Searing, almost blinding pain. I scream bloody murder as my whole body begins to convulse and mutate. I can feel the strength coursing through me, even as I howl in pain. First one arm breaks free of my restraints, then the other. I hear the screams of others in the room as my legs break free. Standing by the table, I take a deep breath and roar as my body continues to transform.

I take a step toward the doctor and feel a sharp pinch in my thigh. Looking down, I see the tranquilizer dart in my leg just as my vision blurs, and I fall.

#FlashFictionFriday #ArialBurnz

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