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Fiction Friday - A Halloween Visitor

Ready for this week's installment of the Arial Burnz Fiction Friday Writing Challenge? Gotta warn you, it's a little bit creepy. But hey... it's almost Halloween, so creepy is the order of the day!

Here's the prompt...

Your character opens the front door, expecting the usual crowd of Trick-or-Treaters … and gasps!

And here's what I did with it...

The doorbell rings and I glance up from the TV and roll my eyes. This is the fifth time I’ve had to pause the show to get up and smile and hand the little shits some candy. I hate beggars night. The only good thing about it is you get to buy way more candy than you’ll actually need to hand out, leaving you with an excuse to eat the leftovers without too much guilt.

I hurry to the door and yank it open expecting to hear a chorus of “trick or treat!” Instead I gasp and jump about a foot back from the door. I think my heart even stops for a few fleeting seconds. I’m not kidding … it stopped.

The man at my door is tall and substantial. He’s dressed in dark blue coveralls, and the creepiest white mask I’ve ever seen. Just like in the movie we watched together the other day.

Clutching my chest, I start to breathe again, and chuckle a little. “God, you scared me half to death, Ronnie. You’re such a goofball. Get in here.”

I turn and walk away from the door, leading him into the kitchen. “You’re a real jerk for wearing that Michael Myers Halloween get up and trying to scare me. If you don’t spend the night now, I swear I’ll never be able to sleep. But I suppose that was your evil plan all along, right.”

I flash him a seductive smile as I open up the oven and retrieve the plate of food I saved for him. “Here you are, Sir. Your dinner is served,” I say, adopting a playful fake British accent. Ronnie doesn’t say anything in response. He just stands there, staring at me from across the kitchen island.

“Ronnie? What’s going on?”

He says nothing as he takes a step around the island, coming toward me. Then another step. And another.

“Okay, stop. You’ve had your fun, and it was a great joke all right? But it’s over. Take off that damn mask and knock it off, Ronnie!”

“Knock what off, hon?”

I turn to see Ronnie step into the kitchen. He takes one look at the guy in the Michael Myers mask and burst out laughing.

“That’s a great costume! Where’d you get it? Hey, who’s under there anyway?”

“I thought it was you!”

“Me?” Ronnie exclaims with a puzzled expression. Then he looks back at our visitor with real fear in his eyes.

Without warning, the creepy visitor grabs a knife from the holder on the island and throws it, hitting Ronnie squarely in the chest, dead center. I scream as Ronnie falls to the floor, and “Michael Myers” turns his full attention back to me...

Aw, SNAP! The five minute timer went off, thus ending my writing time for this week's challenge. Happy Halloween, everybody! ;-)

#ArialBurnz #FlashFictionFriday #HalloweenMovie

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