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Fiction Friday - The Timepiece

It's Friday, and that means it's time for another installment of the Arial Burnz Fiction Friday Writing Challenge! This week's prompt was a very beautiful image from an artist named Ravven, and you can learn more about her work by clicking on the above link to the writing challenge. She does amazing work.

Ok, remember the rules of the challenge are to set a timer and write for just 5 minutes. That's not a whole lot of time, so the exercise is teaching me to get right to the meat of the story.

So here was the prompt...

Isn't it a beautiful image? And this is what I did with it...

I came upon her in the forest. She was lying there along the trail, looking every bit like a crimson sleeping beauty from one of those fairytales we tell our children. Indeed, she did look almost enchanted as she lay there, beautiful and serene. Her pink lips held the hint of a smile and her lovely face seemed peaceful. Only the red nightgown showed signs of something amiss, twisted about her middle and legs in a haphazard fashion.

Her scarlet hair fanned out in deep waves, mingling with the russet-colored fallen leaves that were her bed. The timepiece lay open amid the waves, and my heart sank.

He had done it. He had followed through with his threat to get even, and now she was gone, the timepiece dropped in his haste to get away.

Now I must warn the others. Shifting to my fox form, I scurry away, stopping only once to glance back at the beautiful fallen princess.

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