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Fiction Friday - Everyday Heroes

It's Friday, and that means it's time for another installment of the Arial Burnz Fiction Friday Writing Challenge! This week's prompt was just one sentence, and the moment I read it, I had tons of different scenarios running through my mind. It was work to filter through them quickly and focus on just one. But the one thread I latched onto was this sweet little number. I hope you enjoy it! The prompt was:

This was not the way he expected to die.

And here's what I did with it...

This was not the way he expected to die.

Maybe strapped to a chair with a bomb tied around his middle. Or a bullet to the brain in the middle of some heated hostage negotiations. Blown up by a land mine, or even an RPG in some godforsaken, desert country, war zone. But this?

Pinned down behind a wrack of snack cakes with his little girl clinging to his leg, while some doped up dirtbag with a gun demanded money from the store clerk? Not at all what he had planned for today.

Jared looked down at the light of his life, wearing her pink princess dress as silent tears streamed down her chubby little face. “I need you to stand right here and don’t move. Can you do that for me?” he whispered.

She clutched her ratty, much-loved plush unicorn and nodded.

“Don’t worry, darling. Daddy’s going to make the bad man go away. He won’t hurt you.”

That thought flowed through his mind in one instant. The next, the joker with the gun was on the ground, face first with his arms painfully restrained behind his back. He screamed profanities to no avail, but Jarod wasn't letting up.

“Call the cops!” Jarod shot a look at the store clerk as he held the guy immobile. Then he looked back at his baby girl and smiled at her. She waved one chubby little hand and grinned.

No, sir. This was definitely not how he was going out.

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