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Fiction Friday - In The Cards

It's Friday, and that means it's time for another installment of the Arial Burnz Fiction Friday Writing Challenge! This week's prompt was a true challenge for me because it involved Tarot Cards - something I know nothing about. So before I could begin writing, I had to look up what a certain card meant in the world of Tarot. But once I did, the little story popped right into my head. This was the prompt...

Your character is visiting a psychic and getting his/her tarot cards read.

The reader turns over the card pictured below. Now write!

And here's what I did with it...

Fear. That’s what he felt. Fear, plain and simple. It wasn’t just the usual thrill of the unknown that most sane people felt when they walked into a psychic’s domain for the first time. It was more than that. Dread. Denial. Outright frustration. This weird attractive woman in the wackado outfit that no self-respecting person would be caught dead in was going to tell him his future by looking at a deck of playing cards?

Yeah, right.

He drummed his fingers against the red tablecloth, half expecting her to utter the phrase “look into my crystal ball.”

“There’s nothing to be nervous about, Sam. Are you ready?”

He frowned at her. Easy for her to say. He swallowed hard, unable to take his eyes off her as she spread out the cards.

She turned over another and looked into his eyes. “Ah. The Fool. Big changes are coming for you, Sam.”

Enough was enough. He couldn't take it anymore.

“You’ve been bugging me to come see your shop for weeks now, Angel. If I’d known you just wanted to read my cards, I wouldn’t have come.”

A sly grin tugged at her lips. “It wasn’t about reading your cards. It was about pulling you in. Making you a believer.”

He sighed and sat back in his chair. “Look, Angel. I asked you a question when I came in. The same question I've been asking you for days now. Are you going to go out with me or not?”

Her mischievous grin tugged at his heart, and he could only smile back at her. She drove him crazy.

“The cards don’t lie, Sam. Big change is in store for you.”

“I’m gonna take that as a yes.”

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