There's a Rockstar In My Trailer!

A deleted scene from Jagged Dreams, Book 2 of the Jagged Ivory Series.

Donna grabbed her friend's arm and squeezed tight as the squeal of delight escaped her lips. “Julia! You're never gonna believe this.”

“Ow! Donna, that hurts. You're cutting off my circulation.”

“Sorry, sorry, sorry!” Donna let go of the girl's arm and smoothed out the fabric of her blouse. She was practically bouncing as she tossed an anxious glance around the sound stage. Soon, both she and Julia would have to report to Wardrobe, and then on to Hair and Makeup to get ready for the first of two scenes they were shooting today. But right now, she could hardly contain herself.

“What is with you?” Julia asked, raking a hand through her shiny dark brown locks.

“Guess what?” She looked at her series co-star with eyes full of expectation, but she didn't bother giving her any time to actually respond. “There is a rockstar in my dressing room trailer!”


“A rockstar. A gorgeous, talented, sweet, funny, sexy, lovable rockstar is asleep in my trailer, right now! Oh, and did I mention that he's naked?” The words, and the enthusiasm, spilled out of her like a fountain as she beamed. “Naked and beautiful!”

Julia grinned and rolled her eyes. “Okay, I'll play along. Why is there a naked rockstar asleep in your trailer?”

“You remember that party I went to at the Newberry Estate. The one for that record producer guy or whatever?”

Julia nodded. “Yeah, that was two weeks ago.”

“Right! Well, I met Cory Dutton at that party.” Donna stared at her friend as though that statement should answer all the questions. “I am so glad I didn't talk myself out of going to that thing!”

“Who's Cory Dutton?” Julia asked, as a confused frown settled over her lovely brown face.

“Who is Cory Dutton? Are you freaking kidding me?”

“I'm sorry, but …”

“Cory Dutton plays guitar for Jagged Ivory!” Donna glared at her in total disbelief.

“Oh, you and your Jagged Ivory obsession,” Julia sighed. “So is this the blond guy? The one you're always going gaga over?”

“The incredibly hot one with the amazing smile … yes! I met him at that party, and Jules, we have literally spent every waking moment together since. We talk for hours and hours about all kinds of things, and we laugh a lot. We have so much in common. And we have had sex in every single room of my penthouse, and let me just tell you … it is so fucking hot!” She paused for a split second to catch her breath as she smiled ridiculously at her friend. “So, how did you spend your two week hiatus?”

Julia smiled and shook her head. “Not getting my brains fucked out by a hot rockstar, that's for sure.”

Donna giggled at her co-star's obvious envy, and she wanted to dial it back a bit, but she knew she simply couldn't. Not even if she tired. She was so deliriously happy, and had been from the moment she and Cory met. The time they'd spent together since that party had been nothing short of magical for her, and she knew without a doubt in her heart that she loved him. She was crazy in love with Cory Dutton, and she didn't care who knew it. Hell, she wanted to shout it from the rooftops.

After a few more minutes of girl talk with Julia she slipped back into her dressing room trailer, and the smile spread over her face at the sight of his still-sleeping form. When he had insisted on getting up at the crack of dawn to come to the set with her, she thought it was sweet. But he'd fallen fast asleep right after the sexy quickie they'd had. It was all right though. She knew rockstars didn't keep the kind of schedules she had to maintain when Model For Murder was in production.

She carefully untied the sash on the fuchsia robe she was wearing and let it drop to the floor. Then she quietly slipped back between the sheets beside him. She knew it was silly, but she just wanted to feel his skin against hers again for a moment before she got to work.

She kissed his shoulder. The warmth of his body made her smile, and when he stirred and pulled her closer, she couldn't keep her lips from touching his. It was just a simple peck, but it seemed to light an instant fire within him. His mouth closed around one pert nipple, sending her back arching high off the bed in response. She buried her fingers in his golden hair as she gently held his head in place against her breast, loving the sensations his tongue was producing. Before Donna knew it, he had eased the full length of his rock-hard shaft deep inside her.

“Oh, Cory,” she moaned, shuddering as he began to move. She closed her legs around him and held on tight as their bodies began the rhythmic dance, grinding against one another as he increased their tempo. Her fingernails lightly scrapped the skin of his back, and she felt his lips at her throat as he pushed her higher and higher, grinding deeper with each thrust.

“Oh, Cory. Cory. Yes!”

She screamed his name, and her whole body exploded around him as he continued to pound into her again and again.

“Ah! Donna.” His body went rigid, and he stared down at her with sleepy eyes as he panted and smiled. “Good morning again, beautiful. I hope nobody filmed that.”

Donna giggled at him. “I love having a rockstar in my trailer!”